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I use the best possible glass that the budget allows.

Stained glass comes in many styles and colors. Each manufacturer has their own colors and texturers. Here are some of the more popular colors and manufacturers.

Kokomo Glass Co.

The oldest manufacturer of opalescent and cathedral stained glass in the world. They have the ability to manufacture over 22,000 different color/density/texture combinations. At KOG the term "density" refers to the amount of light that any given sheet of glass will transmit. All Kokomo standard opalescent color combinations are available in a variety of densities to suit virtually any application. All glass is coded and the codes may be combined with most opalescent color numbers.

Spectrum Glass

Spectrum is a manufacturer of specialty sheet glass for use in architecture, fine arts, hobby-craft, lighting and other applications. We produce nearly 250 glass products including Waterglass®, Baroque™, Artíque®, Iridescent Glass, multi-color mixes and textured colors. See example below.

Cathedral Glass

Transparent, single color sheet glass, available with either smooth or textured surfaces.

Mixed Opalescent Glass

One or more cathedral glasses combined with white opalescent glass to create a variegated, multi-colored sheet. Available with varying degrees of light transmission.

Opalized Glass

Solid color, opaque glasses. These non-variegated products are highly reflective in nature and thus especially popular for mosaic and mural application. With backlighting, natural or artificial, they reveal a captivating, luminescent glow.


A natural surface texture created by stretching the hot glass sheet while it is still in a pliable state. The result is gentle, rolling waves that resemble the surface of a lake or stream. A Spectrum exclusive. Baroque™

A "reamy" glass, produced by combining glasses of mis-matched compositions. The different glasses "oppose" each other when they are stirred together, creating artistic 3-D swirls. A Spectrum exclusive.


A scribed "antique" glass, alive with the surface striations characteristic of mouthblown sheet glass. Artíque unites brilliant surface characteristics, delicate light refraction and subtle but definite background distortion. A Spectrum exclusive.

Iridescent Glass

A thin layer of metallic crystal has been bonded to these glasses during sheet forming, creating a colorful, shimmering surface effect.


We’ve taken our unique art glass products and added a bright, reflective silver-coat to one side, turning specialty glasses into shimmering super-specialties perfect for projects that demand brilliance. SilverCoats reflect a rainbow of color and texture any time it’s called for. A Spectrum exclusive.

System 96®

Products formulated and "Tested Compatible" especially for fusing, slumping and other hot glass work. This Spectrum line of sheet glass is complemented by many specialty glass products, including glass frits, noodle, stringer, dichroic glass, and casting billets, made and supplied by System 96 partner companies. All System 96 products are tested against an identical standard to insure compatibility of viscosity and expansion coefficient.

Uroboro Glass

Since firing up our furnaces in 1973, our craftsmen have created the broadest range of sheet glass products available anywhere! On a regular basis we produce over 150 color combinations in 14 unique styles. Our colors are available in most styles and we offer up to as many as seven colors in a sheet!

Each sheet is ladled from our furnaces and formed by hand using old-world techniques backed with modern-world technology and equipment. Our goal is to give you glass with the complexity and character of handmade plus the consistency and control afforded by science. They produce the following stlyes of art glass.

*Ring Mottles
*Fractures and Fracture-Streamers
*Rippled Glass
*Hand-Rolled Drapery
*Hand-Rolled Smooth

Wissmach Glass

The many dazzling colors and textures combined with its easy workability has made Wissmach Glass a favorite of glass artists worldwide! Stocks more than 1,000 colors, tints and patterns. The cathedral glass is available in shades ranging from crystal to dark shades of amber, blue, green and red. The colors are produced in 13 textures. Here are the types of glass they produce.

Opalescent: Opalescent glass is made with a combination of white glass and a cathedral color. The opacity of this type of glass is in relation to the amount of white glass used in its creation. Our dense opal base glass uses a higher consistency of white glass than our light opal base glass. Because of this change in mixtures, dense opal base glass is much more opaque than our light opal base glasses.

Wispy: Wispy Opalescent glass uses a mixture of opaque white glass and a cathedral color. During production, the white glass is added to the cathedral glass and mixed together giving wispy opalescent glass soft touches of white in each shadow.

Cathedral: Cathedral glass made up of a single color. Opacity of the glass is dependent to the color of the sheet. Lighter colors will allow more light to pass through and darker colors will prevent light from passing through.

Streaky: Streaky glass is manufactured by adding a color or colors to a clear glass base. The color is mixed with the clear base to provide streaks of color throughout the sheet. The transparency of streaky glass is dependent on the colors used.

Armstrong Glass

Armstrong is a name associated with the highest quality in art glass. There is no mistaking Armstrong glass for any other. All of glass is original in design. Because they are one of the world's largest producers of hand mixed art glass they can offer you.

500 standard colors
50 standard colors w/irridescent finishes
wide variety of textured glass
3, 4, and 5 color combination mixes
the most vibrant & exciting colors

stained glass
stained glass
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